Strengh of IBS
Quality control and trusted manufacturing

The essence of manufacturing is acquired through development, customer trust.
It is not something that can be done by a single force for just a moment.
Sophisticated skills, sophisticated work processes, and awareness of
improving quality that each employee is rooted in leads to a deeper trust.

IBS delivers specialty products for a range of bringing exciting experiences to the world through

Trusted Manufacturing

Check valves, relief valves, and needles valves, which play a special role, are all manufactured to order by us. Skilled engineers craft each component one at a time by hand, and they are inspected thoroughly.
Only those products clearing our stringent standards are shipped. Aiming for an error-free, efficient production infrastructure, we constantly organize, clean, and maintain our plant, with ongoing training and education of personnel, ensuring that our plant is ever improving. This, paired with a QMS (quality management system), ensures that we bring satisfaction to our customers and meet their every need as we continue to make improvements in quality and production capacity.

Achieving a production structure that gives clients peace of mind.
Ably meeting clients’ needs for manifold and assembly solutions, from single orders to mass production

Quality Control

Product quality is the most important indicator that clients use when evaluating a product. We maintain a system for the production of high quality products that meet client needs and continue getting better.
We know that proper quality control and management is the key to this. However, it is not enough to create an infrastructure — it must be efficient and productive. We take a comprehensive, bird’s eye approach to making ongoing daily improvements across all divisions and achieving further refinements. As our clients’ needs become ever more complex, we have developed an increasingly more advanced.

Quality control that gains the trust of our users
An uncompromising expert’s eye to pairing OEM products with other manufacturer’s products.

Engineering and Service

 IBS is not merely a components vendor. We combine technology and manufacturing, working with the process documents provided by users and at times combining best-in-class products from other manufacturers to produce a total technology solution for your needs. Bringing to bear a deep understanding of the needs of each project, no matter how large or small, we use specialized knowledge to determine what must be done to optimize the project.
Taking a bird’s eye view of a project requires a commensurate understanding of the specifications of each component, the features they have, and the flow of the project and what it calls for. Taking the standpoint of actual users, we explain the process in detail. This is another one of our core strengths. Acting as a bridge between vendors, our firm, and users, we constantly act as a professional team of engineers, selecting the best tools, products, components, and solutions for each step of a job.

From deep research into plant specifications to selection of specialized equipment and on-site construction and surveying, we work as one with customers, a service that only comprehensive all-rounder engineers can provide.

Global Response

 Using our global IBS network, we promote our offerings throughout Asia and to the world. By presenting solutions that combine our own products with those from overseas and those local to the customer, we flexibly design systems that meet client needs and draw on our rich engineering expertise.
We are proud to be a top-flight Japanese company poised to satisfy customers throughout Japan and overseas, and we offer an in-depth level of service and high quality products. We aim to be a company devoted to proper craftsmanship, sincere and diligent, and make the IBS name known worldwide as a leader in Japan

We deliver Made in Japan quality to regions throughout Asia.
Using our engineering skills, we combine locally-produced products with other solutions