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Cateacgory Products Maker
Machine Tools
Machining Center Japanese, Taiwan and Korean
Manual / CNC Lathe Japanese, Taiwan and Korean
Grinding machine Japanese, Taiwan and Korean
EDM / wire cutting machine Japanese, Taiwan and Korean
Press machine Japanese, Taiwan and Korean
Gear machine Japanese, Taiwan and Korean
Double column machine Japanese, Taiwan and Korean
Drilling machine Japanese, Taiwan and Korean
Quality Control
CMM Japanese and European
Surface roughness tester Japanese, Taiwan and Korean
High precision roundness Japanese and European
Digital microscope Japanese and European
Japanese and European Taiwanese and Korean
Thread gauge Taiwanese and Korean
Taper gauge and test bar Taiwanese and Korean
Special gauge Taiwanese and Korean
Accessories and Tooling
Measuring tool Thai, Taiwan and Singapore
Chip conveyor Thai, Taiwan and Singapore
Chuck Thai, Taiwan and Singapore
Mist collector Thai, Taiwan and Singapore
Wet vacuume Thai, Taiwan and Singapore
Filter Thai, Taiwan and Singapore

Engineering Services

The after sale service department provides a comprehensive service including spare part sale, installation, repair, and maintenance of machine tools made by our experienced staff who will examine customer needs and suggest the most appropriate solution.

Machine tool types experience

  • CNC lathes
  • Machining center (vertical and horizontal)
  • Gear machines
  • EDM ram and wire
  • Grinders
  • Press machines
  • Band saws
  • Gas generator