Corporate Summary

Corporate Summary

IBS Machinex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
May, 2012
40/14, BangnaTower C, 18th Floor, Unit C, Bangna-Trad Road, Bangkaew Subdistrict, Bangplee District, Samutprakarn Province, 10540 TEL:02-312-0078、  FAX:02-312-0079
Junichi Uegaki
Hiroaki Takagi
Contents of business
Sales, import and export of machine tools, special machines, production equipment, tooling equipment, fluid control equipment


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The IBS group started in Japan in 1997 as IBS Japan Corporation. After that, we responded to diversifying needs and changes in the economic environment, while continuing global sales and continuing to increase revenue and earnings. We are continuing to develop as a rare company in the world that combines manufacturer functions of fluid control equipment and specialized trading company functions and provides our products and services to niche markets. And we met with Mr. Takagi who founded MACHINEX CO., LTD., shared the extensive experience of Mr. Takagi with 20 years of experience of IBS and started newly as IBS Machinex (Thailand) Co., Ltd., We will offer you reliability and safety. Through machine tools, special machines, production equipment and fluid control equipment, we want to create one large team 「The one, One team」that encompasses our customers, clients, and all members of the IBS group of companies, bringing together the products, data, companies, and conduct implicated in this process and growing further as we bring the world moving experiences through our products and services.IBS Machinex (Thailand) CO., LTD.CEO Junichi Uegaki

IBS Machinexの会社外観画像

Group Management Philosophy

Resolutely take up challenges in niche fields Create new value by using fluid management to unify our strengths Pass beyond individual harmony to be moved and grow along with all the people of the world

Code of Conduct

  1. ①Always Question the Nature of Things
  2. ②A Spirit That’s For The Crew
  3. ③Capitalize on Contradictions
  4. ④If You Aren’t Sure, Pick the Difficult Path
  5. ⑤Passion, Humility, Equanimity, Sincerity, Diligence


May2012 Founded “MACHINEX CO., LTD.” By Hiroaki Takaki MACHINEX CO., LTD.のロゴ画像
June2013 Entered into logistics business with SUMMIT METAL PLATE CO., LTD.
April2014 Entered into business contract in Thailand with MARUBENI MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD..
May2015 Floor relocation for business expansion
May2017 Business alliance started with MACHINEX CO., LTD. and IBS Inc.
January2018 Joined IBS Group
May2018 Changed company name to 「IBS Machinex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.」
February2019 Transferred headquarters to Samutprakarn Provice